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Schedule for Wednesday 7th June 2023

12:00 AM

Rosary - Glorious Mysteries

12:30 AM

Koxtt Somzunk Boll Jezuchem - Talk by Orlando D'Souza

1:00 AM

Mass in Konkani for Tuesday

2:30 AM

Saibinnichi Ruzai - Orkache Mister

3:20 AM

Music Uncovered : Sherise D'Souza talks to Alfwold Silveira

4:00 AM

Health Matters - Women's Healthcare - Dr Eugene D'Silva

4:30 AM

Feast of St. Francis de Sales - Talk by MSFS Fathers

5:00 AM

In Conversation with : Dr. Ligia Noronha interviewed by Basil D'Cunha

5:25 AM

Krav Maga - Ep 3 - Oscar Viana interviewed by Chriselle Fernandes

5:45 AM

Abundant Life - Depression - Symptoms - Prof Nicholas D'Souza

6:15 AM

Laity and the World - Fr Subhash Anand

7:00 AM

Praise and Worship - Glenn Nunes 2 followed by Daily Prayer to the Holy

8:00 AM

Christian Praise and Worship, Caranzalem

9:30 AM

Paticipating in Prayer Meetings - Talk by Savio Mascarenhas

10:35 AM

Music - Spiritual Music 1 followed by Povitr Atmeak Dispottem Magnnem

11:10 AM

Kids Programme - What's on Your Mind ? - Episode 3

11:20 AM

Intercessions - English

11:30 AM

Mass in English

12:30 PM

Kuznantlim Zogddim Eps 7 - Bhenneachi Bhaji - Meena Goes and Julius Mesquita

1:00 PM

Activists of Goa - Dr. Claude Alvares interviewed by Daniel F. de Souza

1:50 PM

Heads Held High - Mary Immaculate Girls High School

2:15 PM

Role of parents in faith formation - Talk by Sr Saral

2:40 PM

I am the Good Shepherd - Talk by Lavinia Gonsalves

3:05 PM

Precious blood of Jesus - Leela Moraes

3:30 PM

Divine Mercy Chaplet (E)

3:40 PM

Maria Sangata Synodachea Provas - Fr Ashley Alphonso

4:00 PM

Rosary - Glorious Mysteries

4:30 PM

Senior Citizens Exercises - COOJ

5:00 PM

Novena Day 2 of St Anthony at Deussua, Chinchinim

6:30 PM

Aimorechen Magnnem

6:33 PM

Our Father - Santhali

6:45 PM

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Vocation Promotion

7:00 PM

Law and Order - Community Policing

7:30 PM

Saibinnichi Ruzai - Orkache Mister

8:00 PM

Jezu Mhojea, Tujea Sangatan - A song by Felicio Fernandes

8:05 PM

Ximpientlim Motiam -Bhag 249 -GULAB ANI BANBU - Fr Pratap Naik sj

8:13 PM

Bhagevont Zuze Vazachem Novena Magnnem

8:15 PM

Koxtt Somzunk Boll Jezuchem - Talk by Orlando D'Souza

8:43 PM

Prayer of Grandparents - English

8:45 PM

Maria Sangata Synodachea Provas - Benjamin Monserrate

9:00 PM

Adoration - led by Fr. Oscar Nazareth op

9:24 PM

Ratchem Magnem

9:40 PM

The Law and You - Administrative Justice - Adv. John Abreu Lobo

10:40 PM

Parish of the Week - Aldona 2

11:40 PM

53rd Mando Festival - Sant Zuze Vazachim Pavlam, Cortalim - Traditional

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