Most popular quote
Wonder who wrote
Vote for a note

Vote for any bribe
Corruption you subscribe
Blane to politician ascribe

Why do candidates buy or  pay
An incentive to Vote say
Wages of  5 years on one day

Candidates search  voters in vain
 Power  ,position,  perks to gain
Once in 5 years never to  be seen again

Politics a profession attractive as honey
Age, qualification   no bar to earn money
Politics  sure  a most profitable journey

Voting is termed as solemn duty
carmouflaging as right is the  beauty
Post elections ,promises  turn empty

Once sacred Vote is cast
Importance vanishes fast
Voter as priority then  is last

Legislators  fight  in power to renain
The  gain is worth  all temporary pain
Use bribes as carrot, threats as Cain

Politics   an investment asdures best returns
Multiply  wealth  by defections and U turns
Attractive proposals difficult to spurn .

Enjoy unlimited popularity and fame
Swallow criticism  insults  without shame
Discredit politics  calling it a dirty game

Wives, husband's  daughters  sons iin fray
Right not dynasty   a worthy choice they pray
Intentions  motives  to unfold need no Xray

In short period accumulate  with ease
Any number of terms greed will not cease
Bend, ,prostrate, beg ,plead  voters to please

Parties  want to  remain in power and  expand
Exploit grievances   with outrageous demand
When in power  respect  popularity command

Nominate candidates who will win for sure
Prefer criminals  , corrupt   or morally impure
Defections   poaching by parties forced to endure

Anti Defection bill  ineffective made
Loopholes exploited  the   law to evade
 Speaker   delays decision by a decade

Democracy with all its  still a better choice
Empowers to raise even a feeble voice
Democracy a system of Governance to rejoice
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim


Nelson Lopes

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Nelson Lopes

Nelson Lopes

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