It looks simple , an emotional appeal that a lady is promoted for South
Goa  Lok  Sabha to hype and drum up  support. Apart from Mrs Sawant .no
credible  candidate was insight.Palavi has no political credentials, except
backing of her husband's  political,industrial  and financial clout.
Metallurgical coal supply chain expertise ,  currently worth over one lakh
crores ,    is windfall gain ,  controlled by Adani and Dhempo.MPT is the
important link in supply chain to 16 iron and steel  manufacturing  units
in Hospet ,where Adani has over two hundred crores   large investments
exposure to sustain .The backing of Central Govt and Railway Ministry is
crucial to facilitate imports and distribution of coal and her victory will
facilitate liaison  Hence Palavi is  the pawn  in the grand design of coal
factor.The recent defections of Congressmen  gives her  an  illusive edge
of  sorts   The vociferous mounting campaign of coal transfer by road
 ,rivers  and railways ,its  effect on  pollution is shelved on the back
bench, including  contentious issue of double tracking    .At rough
estimates  crores in the revenue generated by metallurgical coal imports
is 7 times higher than mining industry  .Palavi 's promotion to the hilt
is  to garner revenues of coal imports with the backing of central Govt,
Railway Ministry and MPT Goa link .The business interests of Dhempo ,Adani
group are at the heart of her candidature.The  emotioal  appeal for first
time lady candidature  is bull  wash be warned
Nelson Lopes Chinchinimm

Nelson Lopes

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