This copy of the letter has been faxed to the Chief of Naval Staff who is 
currently in Goa and will be visiting the Anjediva Island.  It may be noted 
that Chief of Naval Staff is related to the family of late Dr Jack de Sequeira 
the Father of the Opinion Poll 1967.  It is hoped that during his visit to the 
Island the matters will be resolved.  This writer too will be visiting Karwar 
to boost support for the cause of celebrating the Feast this year.  
Unfortunately the political situation in Goa has come as 
a damper yet the issue is being pursued in right earnest. Kindly send in your 
appeals to the Governor of Goa on this issue.

18TH  January, 2008
Chief of Naval Staff,
Camp INS Kadamba,Naval Base 
P.O. Arga via Chendiya  Karwar  581 324
          Greetings to you, Sir, for the New Year   

          You are kindly aware that the customary Feast of “Nossa Senhora de 
Brotas” is being celebrated on 2nd February, at the Anjediv Island. . There is 
another Feast  of  St Francis de Assisi that is celebrated  on 4th October,  
every year.   However the chapel has now been partially ruined and the 
authorities at INS Kadamba are yet to restore the same.

Sir, it is pertinent to note that since 2005,  the authorities at the Sea Bird 
Project did not permit the celebration of the customary feasts  and the reasons 
given orally were due to some Naval excercises  etc.   While these reasons were 
acceptable with a pinch of salt the oft  repeated denials of allowing the Goan 
community from celebrating the Feasts has hurt the sentiments of Goans world 

Several  letters of our revered Archbishop of Goa and Daman , and the mention 
of denial by our Member of Rajya Sabha  Shri Shantaram L Naik in the Lok Sabha 
in March 2006  has failed to move the NOIC for reasons best known to them.

It is also of interest to note that this writer had given a detailed report 
with documentary evidence some letters of your predecessor to state that the 
Island is still a part of the State of Goa and has not been ceded till date by 
an Act of Parliament. Also that the celebration of two customary Feast will 
have to continue with due security considerations. 

Despite this clarification and also an interview to the local Kannada daily 
Karavalli Munj on 5th February, 2007 it is unfortunate that the INS Kadamba 
officials have entered into an understanding albeit in writing with the then 
local  Deputy Commissioner of Police Karwar District  Mr R Singh  (following 
threats  by an ex Bajrang Dal activist, one Mr Mutalik  of prohibiting 
celebration or entry to locals on the Island for the celebration of this feast 
by an ex Bajrang Dal activist)  and celebrations of the Feast have been stopped 
since 2005 .  

This is a feast celebrated by the Goan community and on  an island still 
belonging to Goa and authorities in the State of Karnataka have no jurisdiction 
to interfere in these matters or foment a law and order situation owing to 
misinterpretation of facts.  

This is in complete contrast to the tacit understanding the Ministry of Defence 
had with the Govt of Goa in December, 1987 when the use of the Island was 
formally handed over  to the Navy by the then Collector of Goa on behalf of the 
Department of Revenue.
The Under Secretary, Government of Goa too in his written communiqué to this 
writer  in 2006 has confermed that Navy should permit the customary feasts.

Kindly therefore peruse to the details and ensure that during your stewardship 
of the Navy the celebration of the customary  Feast gets underway without any 

Several such appeals were made earlier to the President of India Dr A P J Abdul 
Kalam, then Defence Minister Mr George Fernandes  and  President of the Indian 
National Congress Ms Sonia Gandhi.  Unfortunately the ex Station Commander, 
Commodore  Mr B R Rao  made a mis-statement of facts stating that a dozen 
temples were shifted from the Island and therefore a similar policy needs to be 
adopted in all fairness to this Church as well.  However when this writer 
confronted  Commodore B R Rao  on 4th  October 2006 at Binaga Karwar to show 
proof of the dozen temples that were shifted  he expressed his inability to 
meet me owing to Dussehra festival celebrations.

However this writer realized that a deity in Somnath temple (not located on the 
Anjediv Island ) alone was removed  and re -located at Kinelbag  main gate. It 
is not proper for the Church at Anjediva to be relocated more so given its 
historical and religious significance viz a living monument. This misleading 
statement of facts has therefore created the confusion for the past three years.

A copy of this petition is being sent to the Member of Rajya Sabha to raise the 
issue again in  Parliament.  Similar copies are being marked to His Excellency 
the Governor of Goa Mr S C Jamir, the Chief Secretary of Goa and  Union 
Minister for Defence Mr A K Antony.

With all good wishes from the people of Goa 

Yours sincerely,
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social activist & freelance journa

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