Railways budjet & Goa

- New direct train to UP (Patna -Vasco Express) weekly
- Rajdhani Expres frequency increased from 2 to 3 per week
- Goa Sampark Kranti Express (Goa-Delhi) freq. increased from 1 to 2 per week

Travelling by Goa Sampark is quicker where one needs to spend only one night
Whereas, the daily Goa Express to Delhi (from Vasco) one has to spend two
nights (takes about 48 hrs)
Besides, there is one more daily train Mangala Express from Kerala to Delhi via
Madgao/Goa takes about 36 hours

 Weekly trains to Delhi will be now 19 (about 3 trains daily).

-Every one get 5% concession on sleeper Class. AC-III 3%, AC-II 4% & AC-I 7%
-AIDs Patients get 50%
-Senior Citizens get 30-50%

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