> GT: Law students move court for speed cut. HC seek state's reply.
> [ AG: Your Lordship, The Goa government is actively contemplating
> of a SEZ in Goa in collaboration with foreign technology  to mass
> manufacture state of the art 'knees' and steel coated intestines,
> ordinarily called 'guts'. The Convenors of GMAS and SVM have unanimously
> agreed not to protest]
> GT: Cries for 2/19 probe get louder. Photo inset -- Fr. Maverick
Fernandes -
> Spokesperson for Council for Social Peace and Justice.
> GT: No comebacks - We run the danger of Goa turning red with the innocent
> blood of our children - Editorial article Dr. Oscar Rebello.
> [ Well appreciated on both counts. The church must realise that,  in Dr.
> Rebello's words, "there are no winners in this game, only losers", us,
> people of Goa. Only an impartial inquiry will bring respect to the state
> Goa.  Fr. Maveric's suggestion that just 6 ministers are enough for Goa is
> well appreciated. However, we have, in our Party's Constitution [Art. 34],
> cut that number by one to make it permanently 5,  plus we have gone one
> ahead to declare that MLAs  who remain outside the cabinet shall not be
> eligible to be appointed as chairpersons of Govt.
> [Art. 38].  Dr. Rebello's suggestion is unique - the formation of a panel
> 'Ombudsmen'  to investigate and pin responsibility where it belongs.
> much appreciated this suggestion is,  we have elaborated on this point in
> our 'Roadmap for Goa' released in August 2005.
> "Civilian Services Boards" - [Chapter II(5) - General Policies.
> All pucblic services shall be monitored by specially constituted Civilian
> Services Boards comprising of non-elected, eminent members of the society
> who what no known political affiliations, specially chosen for their
> in the social front and possessing independence of thought process and
> exemplary character. These boards shall be entrusted with the setting up
> a system of recruitment procedures and processes for selections for
> Government jobs which shall be carried-out on non religious, non-caste and
> non-political basis. Such Boards shall also be entrusted with the
> responsibility to look into specific complaints from the members of the
> public into the mis-behaviour or dereliction of duty by Government/Civil
> servants including the 'POLICE' and advise the Government accordingly so
> that corrective steps may be taken before things deteriorate.  PS: this
> input is by Ben Antao, Toronto, Canada ]
> GT: ALEXYZ - And the OSCAR goes to GOA'S Latest Shame'THE
> BABUSH-COP-BASH-UP' - Caricature of Dr. Francisco Colaco making the
> statement on TV.
> [ We called Dr. Francisco Colaco to congratulate him on his very
> 'photogenic' caricature by Alexyz]
> GT: Agonda Sarpanch seeks help to stop gambling.
> [Power to this man, to  Mr. Joby Fernandes. If we have 10 (sincere)
> like these in Goa, we can make Goa the pearl we want it to be. But we fear
> that single handedly Joby is bound to lose heart and go on nursing
> frustrations like many before him. We would like all  these fire-brands
> think for GOA to participate in  our first in the series of  'CONVENTIONS'
> titled  ' TO GOA WITH LOVE' to be held in Margao in April, 2008. The theme
> being 'LETS GET TOGETHER AND DO IT' . To do What??.  'Show that we love
> openly and unabashedly and that we can come together on this ONE agenda'.
> H: Rs. 860 cr to 'flow' into sewage lines.
> [ My Gaw'd - the task ahead is a huge one ! That of spirited citizens to
> that there are no taps into this line that connect to minister's and MLA's
> pockets.]
> NT: Vasco-Patna train introduced.
> [This board is displayed on the inaugural train: 'Welcome to GOA Bihari
> brothers and sisters. Our MLAs and Ministers are awaiting your arrival
> open arms to gift to you Goa's ration and voting  cards]
> NT: Ministerial berth may elude Dhavalikar.
> [Will someone please rush with a lot of ice packs for Dhavalikar's acutely
> aching head?]
> NT: SC issues notice to Goa govt on RP-2011 - Petitioner: Vinayak Shree
> estate Pvt. Ltd.
> [Purched properties worth 29 lacs?  That your problem, Vinayak Shree? Or
> lacs you have paid Babush Monserrate for painting the map of Goa as
> according to your wishes??  The case listings on the SC roster must be
> alarmingly low [ :-)) ].  And you thought you could relax being the
> of the Year'  just yet... Dr. Rebello???  - Will someone to me us a favour
> to keep an eye if 'HARA' has started digging at 4-Pillars, Calapur-Santa
> Cruz a-fresh??]
> H: SP, DySP, PI transfered  - GNN secries unholy alliance against police.-
> [Hurray! Goondagiri in GOA has triumphed]
> H: Panjim finally cleared of Garbage.
> [ A very curious Panjimite: "Were any goondas found it it??]
> H: NCP empowers Willy to decide on party matters.
> [Behold !  The raging 'bull' from Benaulim is hoofing dust already for a
> bull fight]
> floriano
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