It was at the Adarsh Hall, in Margao, some years ago, when I spoke at Churchill Alemao's meet ( Mopa Airport - when he left the Congress to subsequently for SGF) that I had openly said that Goa was not liberated but conquered by India and that none other than the Supreme Court of India has handed out the judgment. Most dignitaries on the dais did not like what I said and that includes perhaps even Churchill Alemao.

I have always held that our esteemed Goa's freedom fighters (who were actually alive and involved in seemingly liberating Goa ) were not at all Goa sensitive but Barot sensitive, eating out of the Boroti hands, including Lambert Mascarenhas. Otherwise, they would have told Barot that after freeing Goa of the Portuguese, Goa's management and affairs should be handed over to the Goans - in an exclusive autonomy. If at all our Goa's so called freedom fighters and their association is only left to beg for pensions and government jobs for their kin, it is because they have lost their self-respect and are being tolerated as the baroti vote bank. Goa Su-Raj Party has gone on record to say that when it comes to power, it will either want to dissolve the Goa Freedom Fighter's Association for good or it has to cull the fakes from its list if they want their self-respect restored back again.

Ideally, the Portuguese should have given autonomy to Goa and left. In that case the clamor of Goa's Borot inclined freedom fighters for it assimilation into the Indian Union would be met with stiff resistance. At least I would resist even if I was just 14 years old at that time. :-)) Incidentally, I am 62 years of age today. Therefore any freedom fighter living today must be 70 years of age and above to be considered as a freedom fighter and must have exclusive documentation to prove that he/she was in the freedom fight movement and not just one freedom fighter signing for another one to get in fakes.

In solidarity with Ashburn Pereira and others


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Goa's Liberation?

Ashburn & Leron Pereira

As Sr. Arwin Mesquita has written on 22/9/09 that "we need to have an urgent Post Liberation". Post Liberation? Was Goa Liberated or Conquered? During 1500's "INDIA NEVER EXISTED", the Indian subcontinent under the British Raj basically consisted of British India and the Princely states. India came into existence only after the British left in '47 and India formed it's Republic on 26/1/50. The present country INDIA was a later establishment of the British Raj. No one is in doubt that the Portuguese conquered Goa in the 1500's, but then, Goa during that period was in a state of constant transitioning sieges by Sultans and Rajahs. The Portuguese gave Goa stability after they took over and put up a valiant front against the overpowering enemy forces, till the invasion and expulsion by India's troops in Dec '61.

According to the landmark judgments delivered by the Supreme Court of India - Delhi, Goa was "CONQUERED" by India and was not liberated on 19/12/61 from the Portuguese" also according to the U.N. resolution 1514 (XV) Goa is stated as "INVADED". We've now undergone 47 yrs of corrupt "Bharoti" colonial rule over our Goa.

On the other hand one could take the instance that Bangladesh was liberated by "Bharot" and given to their people who now have the honour of being the proud citizens of Bangladesh, whereas Goa wasn't, instead it was conquered and forcefully annexed to the Indian Union, just as how Saddam had invaded Kuwait on 2/8/90. In other words, Goa was "ROBBED" from Goans by Nehru's "Bharot".

We Goans were treated far better than how the British treated Indians, we don't intend to create a misunderstanding between the inhabitants living in Goa today, but nearly everyone remembers that during the British Raj, racial notices were prevalently put up at restaurants, starred hotels, clubs, &.c stating that "Indians and dogs are not allowed". But such notices were never seen nor heard of in our 'Peaceful Goa'.

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