Prof. Augusto Pinto is on a crusade to attack and smear me over something I 
have not done. But please note that he is afraid to name and speak out against 
the following people:

1. The actual perpetrators of the bomb blasts in Margao, belonging to the 
Sanatan Saunstha.

2. The politicians who have shilled for them, and caused harm to Goa in other 

3. The Maoists who are responsible for thousands of murders over the last 
decade in India.

4. Rajan Parrikar who stated the following referring to people like Admin 

"The biggest danger to communal peace in Goa is this breed of dregs, not the 
Sanatan Saunstha.  You can take this to the bank."
....Rajan Parrikar
Please see -

5. AF who directly attacked Dr. Jose Pereira as follows:

when I first read of Mr. Pereira, the supposed 
intellect-turned-painter-turned-grumpy old man, i opined that he was just a 
self-taught wannabe great. Now, I read that he has painted Christ in the nude ( 
and the Hindus get angry that he has painted their Deities in the nude, too), I 
wonder where and how did he ever imagine where in the Bible there was any 
reference to a naked Christ. This man claims he has done research on nude 
Deities before formulating his drawings. I say he just wants to rile up the 
locals, from his self-exiled foreign perch. Shame on Mr. Pereira!

Please see:

This should tell you why Prof. Augusto's crusade is a facade meant only to gain 
cheap sympathy from a few like-minded onlookers on Goanet. Item number 5 above 
should be especially instructive in this regard.

Do you think Prof. Augusto Pinto cares about Dr. Jose Pereira's reputation? I 
don't think so. This campaign, like all ideological campaigns, is driven more 
by hate than love.



--- On Mon, 8/2/10, augusto pinto <> wrote:
> Dr Santosh Helekar continues his
> efforts to divert attention from the
> death threats which the Sanathan Saunstha and the Hindu
> Janajagriti
> Samiti have issued against the Parkinson's disease
> afflicted 79 year
> old artist, scholar and philosopher, by making a big issue
> about the
> email that is reproduced below.
> For Santosh Helelar it is more important to focus on the
> hurt that a
> certain Sami Furtado has caused to his fragile ego, than to
> do
> anything to defend an aged scholar, philosopher, and artist
> like Dr.
> Jose Pereira.
> Once more Santosh, I congratulate you on the felicity of
> your rhetorical skills.


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