Dr. Helekar,

First and foremost tell me please, in English word, what do youo mean by 'Apology and Regret', give me he definition?

Secondly, who in his or her right sense would apologize for nothing or be sorry for having done nothing wrong.

So why the question of you repeating that I retranct my words of having disreputed you in public domain when an apology to that should have an convincing effect on you and that should have sufficed you..

Do you feel that the specific kind of words have a special kind of forbearance on you and an apology would be less respectful and bring disrepute to your name and that retriving statement would have glorified you and cruxified me.

I feel you have strange ways of getting things done, when at one stroke two birds can be felled you want two stones to do the job

So, Stop this vicious cycle that would lead you nowhere and unnecessarity get an entanglement with no loose strings left.


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