Dan Driscoll wrote:
> I have received a copy of 'Burial and Committal Service', for a First Cousin 
> of 
> mine who passed away in Toronto a few months ago. He had stipulated in 
> his Will that mortal remains could be used for medical and scientific purpose.
> Toronto U. Medical School did a beautiful committal service for him---along 
> with over a hundred others, who were named. There was a lovely Letter of 
> Thanks, signed by First Year Med Class; Order of Service; Music ((Intermezzo 
> from Cavalliria Rusticana)---everything 'done decently and according to 
> order' 

> as St. Paul would have it.

I dusted off my organ donor papers and started to check the fine print for the 
following reason, I do not want to miss my final party.

Since the university provides last time donors good music, I think it would 
also be a great idea to meet the people who will work on me for the last time.
Here's the plan. I am going to call the medical school and ask if I can have
my musical farewell ceremony while I am still alive. After the music is over, 
I will invite all the first year students to the closest party place so that we 
all have a great time. When I do go, those students will remember the party 
and will definitely have an easier time working with my cadaver. 
Can anyone of you imagine how much easier it would be for a first year 
student to work on the cadaver of just a strange person instead of a stranger?

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