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Author Isidore Dantas's much anticipated Konkani filmbook "KONKNNI CHOLCHITRAM" 
released in honour of GOA SUDHAROP's 10 year anniversary will have its Goa 
launch at Hotel Mandovi, Panaji, on Tuesday, Sept 21 from 4-6pm. All invited, 
there is no cost to attend.

The book has been very well received. Here is one review from Canada (privately 
sent so name withheld).


Isidore Dantas has truly surpassed himself in his book "Konknni Cholchitram". 
It is a very comprehensive and detailed description of the making of over 30 
Konkani films, the actors, music and background of each film. For a Konkani 
movie lover, his book is a well-researched "must-have."
His personal involvement in the music world in Bombay during the making of 
these Goan classics has been documented in this voluminous collection and is 
fascinating to the reader as you are taken  down memory lane.
The book is written in Roman script Konkani and the language is truly "Amchem 
Bhass". It encompasses Konkani film from both Hindu/Manglorean and Christian 
background. It has the melody line and chords from the original film music 
scores and as a hard-covered publication is worth the investment.
For the diaspora Goan who may claim ignorance about reading Konkani, the book 
is still a fascinating pictorial depiction of the Konkani stage with stars from 
the sixties right up to today. The likes of Leena Fernandes, Rita Lobo, Freida 
Pinto and countless others speak to the beauty of our Goan damsels on the 
international scene. The pictures are truly evocative and bring back nostalgic 
memories of the B & W screen classics.
Offering thanks and credit to his supporters and sponsors, Dantas will always 
remain in the spotlight for his herculean effort in promoting our Goan music, 
language and culture.

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