TITLE: Goa Writers group releases anthology titled 'Inside/Out'

PANJIM, March 13: Goa Writers, a group of disparate
individuals set up six years ago, has launched a book which
draws together a wide range of experiences and ideas, and
gives a hint of the melting pot called Goa.

'Inside/Out: New writing from Goa' is the first anthology of
the Goa Writers group, which includes some of the best-known
writers in the state, alongside those working to improve
their writing skills and learn from this group mentoring

It features exclusive, original work from noted novelist and
Aldona resident Amitav Ghosh, as well as previously
unpublished contributions from more than 20 other prominent

          In his essay titled 'Anthony Vaz', Ghosh writes, "I
          have long been fascinated by nautical dictionaries,
          especially those that relate to Asian seafarers (or
          'lascars' as they were once known)."

Other contributors to the volume include Ben Antao, Himanshu
Burte, Xavier Cota, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Aimee Ginsburg, Veena
Gomes-Patwardhan, Fatima da Silva Gracias, Sheela Jaywant,
Jose Lourenco, Damodar Mauzo, Pamela D'Mello, Rosalyn D'Mello
and Helene Derkin Menezes.

Photos from Vivek Menezes set in Moira village, and verse
from Mafalda Mimoso, Isabel de Santa Rita Vas and Mario
Coelho are also part of the book.

Also featured in the book are Frederick Noronha, Cecil Pinto,
Sucheta Potnis, Melinda Coutinho Powell, Prava Rai, Victor
Rangel-Ribeiro, Wendell Rodricks, Tony de Sa, Kornelia
Santoro, Aniruddha Sen Gupta and Savia Viegas.

The 236-page paperback, priced at Rs 195, has been
co-published by Goa, 1556 and Goa Writers. It is available in
major bookshops in Goa, and via mail-order through
goa1...@gmail.com It is slated to be in bookstores all over
India very soon, and available for sale online as well.

A formal launch of the book has been planned for March 23,
with Ghosh to release the book, and other literary
heavyweights due to make an appearance. Weeks before its
launch, and barely a fortnight since printed copies became
available; some 650 copies of the book have already been

          From recollections of the Goa of seven decades ago,
          through tracing family roots via an age-old
          photograph, to the travails of a young and upcoming
          designer in the fashion capital of the world, the
          book contains a bouquet of memories.

Short stories such as engineer-turned-writer Jose Lourenco's
'The Fever' have the potential to intrigue and entertain. An
excerpt of Damodar Mauzo's 'Tsunami Simon' (translated by
Xavier Cota), a foreigner's eye-view of life in Goa and
beyond, a look at a Goan boy's life in East Africa last
century, are some of the other vignettes that add charm to
the pages.

"We all thought the theme was broad enough to express our
thoughts on Goa," says Lourenco, who is one of the two
editors of this volume. His co-editor, Helene Derkin Menezes,
describes the book as "an eclectic mix of fiction,
non-fiction, poetry and essays all united by their connection
to Goa."

An interesting sidelight of this project is that, barring the
printing, the entire process -- compilation and editing,
design and layout, finance, marketing and distribution -- has
been handled by the multi-faceted members of the group.

This release adds another feather to the cap of the Goa
Writers group, which also recently co-hosted the 1st Goa Arts
and Literary Festival in December 2010, in association with
the Sahitya Akademi and the International Centre Goa.

          For more information, please contact: Jose Lourenco
          (9822184740, joselourenco1...@gmail.com), or Helene
          Derkin Menezes (9552518664,

Picture caption: 'Inside/Out: New writing from Goa', the
first anthology brought out by the Goa Writers group.

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