Once Union a Feast: Children's Writing from Goa, India (December 1, 2012)

26:511 minutes

A children's book (ISBN 978-81-923042-3-6) by Mia Maria Lourenco, written
when she was 12 years old, and published by Bookworm Publishing of Goa,

THE STORY: Aquina is all excited about the next day's feast at the village
church. She joins her friends in cleaning the church and its statutes.
Little does she know that her excitement will soon turn into anxiety and
that the morning of the feast will turn into a thrilling adventure. To her
rescue come Caetan the sacristian and Brownie, her pet dog with a most
unusual talent. Feasts are celebrated with great solemnity and gaiety in
Goa and are memorable events for every child.

THE WRITER: Mia Marie Lourenco wrote this story based on her mother's tales
of her childhood days. Mia loves singing, strumming the guitar, writing
poetry and playing with her school friends at Fatima Convent in Margao, Goa.

THE ILLUSTRATOR: Fatema Barot Mota is an alumni of Sir J.J. Institute of
Applied Art and IDC, IIT Bombay who moved to Goa in 2007. She works as a
Graphic Designer and enjoys working on projects like these in her wee hours.

THE PUBLISHERS: Bookworm Publishing is a division of Bookworm, a Goa-based
organisation devoted to making reading a joyful and necessary experience
for children. Story books are at the heart of Bookworm's efforts to build
literacy and creative thinking skills in children in and out of school.
Other projects include a library, the Book Treasury that lends books to
institutions serving children and the Mobile Outreach Programme that takes
books to children who have no opportunity to access books.
http://www.bookwormgoa.in Sale proceeds from Bookworm Publishing support
library work in schools and community.

This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio

Recorded by FN/Frederick Noronha
Date: 2012-12-01
Keywords: goa, india, writing for children, books that reflect goa, mia
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