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Hi Aman,

 > When you say, the patch is not enough for MPLS VPN, can you elaborate on 
 > what  > exactly the patch lacks at the moment?

I don't yet understand enough about the mechanism of FRRouting/Zebra, I can't 
say exactly, but I this for the MPLS VPN, we need; 1. MPLS label allocation 
synchronously or cooperatively with Zebra 

--> Correct. I believe your current patch addresses this, and it's huge step 
forward (just on its own) for GoBGP to support MPLS L3-VPNs.

2. Be aware of VRF creation on Zebra; Might be optional, because we can specify
    VRF ID when creating VRF on GoBGP.

--> It would be nice to GoBGP to be in sync with FRR/Zebra for VRFs, but it's 
not necessary (at least for me) to use GoBGP for MPLS VPN as long as I use the 
correct VRF ID while creating a VRF through gobgp CLI. 

Having said that, it would be nice if GoBGP can determine the VRF-ID from 
FRR/Zebra based on the VRF name. Assuming FRR/Zebra provides such a capability, 
this will not only eliminate possible error in terms of specifying the VRF ID, 
but will also allow GoBGP to ensure that the CLI-specified VRF (i.e, its name) 
is actually configured in Linux kernel and is known to FRR/Zebra.

3. Ingress/egress route (with MPLS label) advertisement to Zebra (Or more, if 
I'm misunderstanding) My patch addresses only 1, and I say "not enough".

--> I plan to provide you exactly what routes I expect to see and what's 
missing from GoBGP. Plan to work on this today.

 > Nonetheless, It would be nice if you submit a pull request for your patch  > 
 > which solves a critical problem. If it gets accepted and becomes part of the 
 >  > master branch, it would make it easier for people to use GoBGP for VPN.

It's exactly as you said, if the following patch will pass CI tests, I will 
post it as PR.

--> That sounds awesome. Looking forward to getting this patch become part of 
the master branch ...

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