On 23 November 2016 at 09:25, Liam Proven <lpro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 22 November 2016 at 17:50, Hisham Muhammad <his...@gobolinux.org> wrote:
>> Expanding on Lucas' fun (but correct ;) ) answer: we decided we will
>> not bundle a file manager in GoboLinux 016. The feedback we got during
>> the pre-release stage confirmed to us that this is the right decision.
>> This is the reasoning:
>> * We don't have the resources to develop a full modern desktop
>> experience for end-users. The development of GoboLinux has been
>> hindered for years by concerns with polishing the desktop UI when the
>> core system was stable. The development of each release took longer
>> and longer time because of tweaks in the desktop packages, and the
>> project was seriously hurt because of this. Most Linux distros
>> nowadays are essentially "taking an existing distro and developing a
>> desktop on top of it". On GoboLinux, we develop our own core and our
>> own OS design ideas, so we'd rather focus on it. The goal of GoboLinux
>> is a good core design, and not necessarily ease-of-use.
>> * No, just shipping a "lightweight file manager" does not cut it.
>> Because once a user has a file manager, they want auto-mounting, then
>> they want mime-types for apps for contextual menu actions, then
>> notifications, and before you know it they ask for auto-updates. Trust
>> us, we've been through all that.
>> * At this point, GoboLinux is a distribution that can only be used
>> effectively when the user is proficient with the terminal. Requiring
>> terminal use is not an "elitist" move, but it does establish the basic
>> prerequisites. For comparison, Arch Linux doesn't even include an
>> installer.
>> * A user who is able to use GoboLinux with a terminal and who wants a
>> graphical file manager, can easily compile one.
>> Sorry for the disappointing answer, but I think it's informative to
>> make our design goals clear.
> That's a very good answer, if I may say so. It's a brave answer, but I
> mean that in a positive way, not the stereotypical British meaning of
> "brave answer" (which means "you are suicidally insane").

Thanks! :)

> Your comment:
> «
> Most Linux distros
> nowadays are essentially "taking an existing distro and developing a
> desktop on top of it"
> »
> Is extremely perceptive. May I quote you on Twitter?

Haha, yes, I posted it in a public list anyway. :)

-- Hisham
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