On Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 1:49 PM Lucas C. Villa Real <luca...@gobolinux.org>

> This looks like a bad USB drive (or an  image that's been incorrectly
> written to the drive). When you download the ISO, make sure you "dd" the
> ISO to the entire disk device (e.g, /dev/sdc) as opposed to a device
> partition (e.g., /dev/sdc1).
> Lucas

That's exactly what I used ("dd"). It booted fine and the live session ran
without issue. It was just the installer. I'm not sure but I noticed
something about a search and replace the install script was doing. My first
thought was it meant to adjust the heads of the paths, but failed which led
to all the other issues. Not at all sure though.
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