Dnia 2016-09-16, o godz. 07:48:32
Joe Blue <joeble...@gmail.com> napisaƂ(a):

> thanks again.
> your explanation about go get helped.
> SO i looked at the offending repo. Its not my repo, just someones on github
>  github.com/pkg/sftp
Your *local* copy is in detached head state. I.e. you manually or some
vendoring script checked out something else than master at head. To fix
it you need to checkout master as said.

> What i cant work out is WHY this repo outputs weird git messages, and
> others dont.
Others (your local copies) were not touched.

> Its not blocking me working, but i am just wanting to know. I am OC
> (Obsessive Compulsive) i guess :)

Get a book on git, e.g. "Git Essentials" ISBN 978-1-78528-790-9 or some
other out of 20+ written. 

> Maybe i shoudl just move on, but if you or others know why that repo does
> what it does would be great to understand.

You will - just read a decent book bedtime.

> x-MacBook-Pro:pkg apple$ rm -rf sftp/
This is NOT the offending repo, github.com/kr/fs is.

> # cd /Users/apple/workspace/go/src/github.com/kr/fs
Do 'git checkout master' here
then 'git pull --ff-only'
> Joe

Wojciech S. Czarnecki
       ^oo^ OHIR-RIPE

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