Hello everyone, 

today I'm glad to announce that after 3 months of full-time development 
back in 2015 and after 1 year of part-time field testing and improvements 
in 2016,
an automatic CGo bindings generator for Golang is finally released to the 
public. Visit https://cgogen.com

Sources: http://github.com/xlab/cgogen
Documentation: https://github.com/xlab/cgogen/wiki

That is the same generator that brought us Go bindings for Android NDK, 
Vulkan Graphics API, CMU PocketSphinx, ALAC and Ogg/Vorbis decoders, Pure 
Data embeddable library, PortAudio and PortMIDI adapters. And bindings for 
the libpvpx from WebM are on their way.

I hope the project will be useful for the community and awaiting for the 
feedback and issues.
Good luck y all!


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