I have a application structure as follows in my GoPath:

--/ myproject
        |-- apps
               |-- app1
                     |-- main.go
               |-- app2
                     |-- main.go
               |-- appN
                     |-- main.go
        |-- libs
              |-- myCommonPackage
                           |-- gofile1.go
                           |-- gofile2.go

If I go into each "app" and execute the following:

   >govendor init
   >govendor add +external +local

I get the external (github) packages and my local (libs/myCommonPackage) 
vendored int he /vendor folder and everything builds fine locally.

Now I'm trying to use docker to build the apps, using the following command:

     docker run --rm -it  -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app golang:1.7 
go get     (the container's GOPATH is at /go/app)

The goal here is to allow my DevOps guy to pull the source and build the 
executable inside a docker container (containing GOlang). 

The build inside the 'build' container fails on my local package (all the 
vendored github/golang.org) are found, but it errors on the 
/libs/myCommonPackage saying it cannot be found.

What is a better structure that would allow me to use 'local' packages that 
are vendored, but that could be found by the docker build container?

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