You could also use

once you have your token. keys, etc all setup, you can build new releases 
rpm, deb, etc using 

equinox release \
--version="1.0.0" \
--platforms="darwin_amd64 linux_amd64" \
--signing-key=/Users/inconshreveable/equinox.key \
--app="app_ja6WuaZgwsF" \
--token="4kj5ypgZj3QeGvGz7LckDGvcAcdmUozUNU8YhVhEg97r7dcmFgy" \



On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 2:53:39 PM UTC-4, 
> Right now, to build my .rpm package, I'm using this website: 
> However, I would like to automate this in our prod enviroment. Whats the 
> best way? Any plugins or tools available to build the .rpm file from the GO 
> App code? I have Dependencies saved using GODEP.

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