I wonder if go's google.Init() ends up missing initializers that are in the 
C side of cgo.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 3:44:20 PM UTC-7, matu...@google.com 
> I have a go binary that calls C code (with cgo). It is a little test, and 
> main calls google.Init() and calls some C function that ends up opening a 
> local file.
> I get an error like:
> WARNING: Logging before InitGoogle() is written to STDERR
> E0921 15:16:46.570978  184662 extractor.cc:102] 
> generic::failed_precondition: FileFactory 'local_file' not found. The 
> application has not been linked against the '//file/localfile' library or 
> InitGoogle() has not been called yet.
> The C library I am linking against is compiled with deps = [ ... , 
> "//file/localfile",...].
> Is there something obvious I am missing? Is there a go equivalent of 
> localfile to directly link to my binary?

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