I'm new to golang, and I'm trying to understand the role of GOPATH. The OS 
X package from https://golang.org/dl/ installs to `/usr/local/go/bin/go`. 

Do I have to manually symlink /usr/local/go/bin/go to my PATH because the 
GOPATH docs lead me to believe that GOPATH to need to be set to the 
directory where my go code is located. 

Example of my code directories:

├── bitbucket
│   └── demo1
├── github
│   ├── notes
│   ├── scripts
│   └── snippets
├── github-work
│   ├── ruby-app1
│   ├── ruby-app2
│   └── ruby-app3
└── gitlab
    ├── javascript-app1
    ├── python-app1
    └── (go-app1)

I'd like to be able to keep this structure the same, but I don't see how 
this is possible with GOPATH pointing to a single directory. 

What if I want to organize my code by version control location and not by 

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