One thing you could try is to use two ints. One to represent seconds and 
the other nanoseconds. This is what protobuf 

An ISO8601 string works too.

On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 11:22:48 PM UTC-4, bsr wrote:
> Hello,
> I store all time values in UTC, and since it runs on google app engine, 
> the precision might be in microseconds.
> I want to display this time in client side with moment.js. But, javascript 
> doesn't support int64, so how should I send the time value (which is an 
> int64 at microseconds precision) to client. moment only supports time at 
> milliseconds 
> precision 
> <>. But, I 
> am not sure what is the best way to convert int64 to javascript number 
> <>(it is ok to lose 
> precision to milliseconds).
> Thank you,
> bsr.

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