Thanks for doing this. The Cloud Platform is great and I'm glad you're 
looking into this. Here are my 2c that didn't quite fit in the survey: when 
not running in a 'full' environment (lambdas/cloud functions, app engine, 
containers etc.), it would be good to keep the package/vendoring conundrums 
in mind, especially now as it's quite a live discussion as to what the best 
design of it should be. E.g. last time I tried Heroku, it forced me to use 
Godep, which was a bit annoying and I ended up dropping Heroku as an 
option, because I didn't want to change my workflows just for one 


On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 21:49:30 UTC+1, Andrew Jessup wrote:
> Hi Gophers,
> I'm on the Cloud Platform group at Google. We're trying to understand what 
> kinds of services Go developers are building that they plan to host with a 
> third party provider (any provider, not just Google) and why they picked Go 
> for doing so. 
> As such we're putting up a short (no, really - it's only 4 questions) 
> survey. 
> The survey is here -
> If you're building something to run in the cloud using Go, we'd love to 
> hear from you. We'll publish the (anonymized) results of this survey back 
> to this list for anyone else who is interested.
> Cheers,
> Andrew

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