Dnia 2016-10-12, o godz. 23:18:24
Thomas Modeneis <thomas.moden...@gmail.com> napisaƂ(a):

> I hate comparing Go with Node, but  (I'm sorry)... How about doing the same 
> that NPM does ? NPM installs the target module + target version. End.

And npm is happy to pull in multiple versions of the same library for
the same application. Hobbyists need not to even know that. Real developers
though end filling diligently their peerDependencies just to get notfied.


This is exact scenario Go environment is free off. Hobbyists should live
with most recent api. Devs who prefer to do their work when its due will do
too. Others may elect to vendor all their dependencies. YMMV.

A side effect of Go approach is almost perfect stability of libraries' api.
Once they are past 'experimental' stage authors keep their promises.
Npm ecosystem encourages exact opposite: library author is free to change
api even daily, because 'npm does take care of versioning'. So either one
traces all deps manually, or one has no idea what 'his' app really consist
of. "May it have 39 versions of a single lib? Yes! npm will take care of it."

Wojciech S. Czarnecki
       ^oo^ OHIR-RIPE

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