On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 3:42 AM,  <andrew.sm...@miracl.com> wrote:
> Im trying to build a swig wrapper to a c library using go build. I know the
> swig interface file is good as it builds correctly with the swig command and
> generated the expected go wrapper file and the wrapper c file. I know it has
> built because if I change the include paths in my  CGO_CFLAGS environment
> variable the build fails to find the c library headers and fails. So it
> looks like it is building ok, but I dont see the go wrapper file generated
> anywhere. Is this created as a temporary file and then discarded after the
> build completes? Is there any way of forcing go build to output the swig
> wrappers in a specified directory?

There is no way to tell `go build` to put the SWIG output in a
specific place.  But you can use the -work option to preserve the
temporary directory where the SWIG outputs are generated, and the -x
option to see the exact commands that `go build` is executing.


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