We are using Hashicorp's mdns library (https://github.com/hashicorp/mdns) 
for node discovery, with a frequency of 1 mdns query / minute. The CPU 
consumption by the process increases very gradually over a couple of days, 
going from 2-3% to 20-30% over 3-4 days. From the runtime instrumentation 
we have done, the number of go-routines seems to be fairly static.

The attached flame-graph from the pprof output suggests that a log of CPU 
is being spent on runtime.goexit and runtime.mstart. To me this seems to 
suggest that we are starting very short lived go-routines.
- Is it fair to blame lots of short-lived go-routines for this?
- What else can lead to this sort of behavior?
- How should be go about instrumenting our code in order to be able to get 
a root cause?

Really appreciate any help.


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