On 2016-12-01 11:18, Manlio Perillo wrote:
I have read the Go 1.8 release notes and I found that now GOPATH has a
default value.
This is a great thing: I have always I thought that GOPATH is one of the
weak point in the Go toolchain, both when I started programming in Go
and when I read the Go Programming language book.

However I think that the default value of $HOME/go is not the ideal one.
My settings are

A lot of people seem to have different usage patterns around GOPATH.
I happen to have my default GOPATH=~/go ... but I only use it for half of my projects. The rest of my projects are self-contained and try to set GOPATH=`pwd` in the project root.
( where src/package/name is a symlink to the project root)

This allows for totally self contained projects, but some tools have problems with it because the "vendor" catalogue seems to work differently when building without a package name.
In other words:
"go build" fails to locate the vendor catalogue, but
"go build package/name" finds it.

There are ways around that,... and some of them involves relying on GOPATH not being set to any value initially for those projects.

So, I for one do not welcome our new GOPATH overlords.

Actually ... I would wish go tools wouldn't be so alien to having project-indiviual GOPATH.


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