Hi, if I may ask, what language do your company previously use before 
switch to Golang?

On Saturday, 31 March 2012 00:27:36 UTC+7, hcatlin wrote:
> Just thought I'd stop in and post something saying "hi" to the group. 
> I work at 
> Moovweb where we power some of the biggest e-commerce sites' mobile 
> experience 
> on our platform. Our platform has super strong demands on it and our 
> business is 
> growing at a nearly exponential rate. 
> This past summer, I made the decision to switch all of our internal 
> software to Go 
> after being persuaded by our Senior Architect, Zhigang Chen. Of 
> course, knowing that Go 
> was beta and that the future of the company was being bet on Go was 
> (and is) amazingly 
> stressful. 
> The library ecosystem was a little weak for our needs when we first 
> showed up so 
> we've since released a Regexp library called Rubex that makes regular 
> expressions 
> 2-3x faster, we've released Gokogiri which is a libxml wrapper library 
> for XML/HTML 
> parsing, and GVM the go version manager so that we can work with code 
> bases 
> on various versions of Go. 
> A couple observations: 
> * New users/employees have learned Go very quickly. +20! 
> * Found out about breakage in 32-bit while in production. -10! 
> * Had to write our own libraries for some basic stuff. -5! 
> * Performs very well in production (only on 64-bit). +10! 
> Man, so much to say... this bullet list might go on and on. 
> I mostly just wanted to say that to us Go is not a hobbyist language. 
> Its a complex 
> build environment for us with dependency management and 5 full time 
> developers 
> writing code daily in it. 
> We didn't build "some small part" of our platform in Go... its the 
> heart of our tech. 
> Our SDK is a compiled binary that we are packaging and sending out to 
> our 
> clients and integration partners. Our production system is handling 
> millions of pages 
> a day and millions of dollars of ecommerce a month. 
> We've bet on Go big time... and will continue to bet on it. We will 
> continue to release 
> new code and we will continue to try and mature the community and tool 
> set so that 
> we can deal with real life issues. 
> I'd love to hear if other companies are doing a similar thing. 
> http://site.moovweb.com // public site 
> http://github.com/moovweb // public software repo 
> -hampton (@hcatlin) 

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