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> > > Will GC close unused connection ?
> >
> > No. At least not directly. A finalizer can possibly do that and
> > finalizers are possibly invoked by the GC.
> Means yes, GC will close unused connection, just indirectly?
> Cause I found this:
> #/opt/go/src/net/fd_unix.go
> func (fd *netFD) setAddr(laddr, raddr Addr) {
>         fd.laddr = laddr
>         fd.raddr = raddr
>         runtime.SetFinalizer(fd, (*netFD).Close)
> }
> And this function is called by netFD.dial in sock_posix.go:148

It means "the runtime _may_ eventually close the connection after the
Go's value wrapping it was garbage-collected, but this is not
guaranteed to happend, and quite likely it will not happen".

Please read this recent thread [1] dealing with finalizers.

1. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/golang-nuts/d8aF4rAob7U/discussion

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