This past week I wrote an "audit" program for management to see how a long 
running data migration effort was going (it will take several months to 
complete). I was little discouraged when I found that the audit was on pace 
to complete in 10 days. That got me to thinking of making a concurrent 
version of the code. It's been over a year since I last did anything with 
channels, so I spent some time studying my previous examples, did some 
google searches, etc.

In just a few hours I had it converted, only had a single deadlock bug to 
figure out. Found that it was very easy to reason about. I made it so it 
could use an argument specified number of go routines. With 10 concurrent 
go routines, it is on pace to complete in less than 32 hours.

So just a big thank you for such a nice language!

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