On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 12:41:18 AM UTC+2, kortschak wrote:
> The reflect package is not mentioned in the spec (except once to 
> discuss struct tags), adding a built-in would require its definition 
> there, and complicate the language. Making it easier to use would also 
> have the disadvantage of increasing its use, packages with heavy 
> reflect use tend to be harder to reason about by virtue of having 
> reduced type constraints. 
> https://blog.golang.org/laws-of-reflection 
 I agree but so is cgo and disabling reflect by default i would not mind, 
but the fact is sometimes you have to use it. And when you need to use it 
you already drowning in complicated code to begin with, no need to make it 
even more complicated. Lets meet in the middle by only allowing reflect 
with a build flag.

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