Author did a range over channel without select, making cancellation 
impossible without closing the channel or the process. However, author 
challenges user to solve cancellation problems with no selection, even 
saying he awaits for the user to accomplish this. So author will stop 
waiting when notified, or call them back, to say it's been done. Because it 
is not possible, we presume author is still blocked waiting on his 
completion signal, or worse, polling to see any completed the impossible.

In practice, the callback needs to live somewhere in memory. The select 
statement not so much; it could have provided cancellation by broadcasting 
through a "done" channel. For one reason or another, the author didn't do 
this and ranged through the channel instead.

On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 11:01:12 PM UTC-7, snmed wrote:
> Hi Gophers
> I stumbled over a nice and very interesting Blog entry "Go channels are 
> bad and you should feel bad 
> <>"
> , I would like to hear some opinions about that article
> from seasoned go developers. Because I just used go for a couple of months 
> for my private web projects and rarely get in touch with channels.
> By the way, that article is not a rant and the author likes go very much 
> as far as I can conclude from the article.
> Cheers snmed

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