On 9 Aug 2017, at 12:26, Sankar <sankar.curios...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Now for the same, Item object, the json.Marshal function returns two 
> different strings for the `Item` object.
> If you run the playground url, you will find that:
> {"Items":[{"SD":"2009-11-10T23:00"}]} 
> {"Item":{"SD":"2009-11-10T23:00:00Z"}}
> are two different outputs (notice the "seconds" and the "Z" in the second 
> line). I expected both the lines to print the same output for "SD" as the 
> same object is re-used for them both.
> Now, should I define MarshalJson and UnmarshalJSON function for the []Item 
> too (after making it a custom struct) ?
> Or is this a bug, or do I misunderstand anything ?

The issue is that you have defined MarshalJSON as a method with a pointer 
receiver, while the JSON marshaller will access it through an interface value 
that is not addressable. Instead, declare the MarshalJSON method with a value 

func (ct CustomTime) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) { ... }


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