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* sno <farleyschae...@gmail.com> [170808 21:34]:
> Hmm, interesting. However, wouldn't that mean that if I removed the 
> function and did the following: https://play.golang.org/p/enI6UmYoFJ the 
> escape analysis wouldn't happen?

Why would escape analysis not happen for main just like for any other
function?  (main is just a function.)  By passing the value of
sliceHeader.Data to fmt.Printf, the address of the backing array
allocated for the slice escapes, so it is allocated on the heap.

And, as Jan Mercl says in another reply, the size of the backing array
allocated for a slice created from a literal is an implementation detail
that is not specified in the language spec, and so the size can vary
between invocations, including between different invocations of the
slice initialization code within the same invocation of the program
(e.g. if the slice is initialized within the body of a for loop).


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