I'm pretty sure this should never have worked, but it seemed to
previously and now it doesn't.

In the gonum/hdf5 package there is a var declared against an HDF5
define like so, `var h5t_VARIABLE int64 = C.H5T_VARIABLE`[1].

`H5T_VARIABLE` is defined in H5Tpublic.h as `#define
H5T_VARIABLE    ((size_t)(-1))`[2]. Until this change[3], the code
built, but now fails with

# gonum.org/v1/hdf5
./h5t_shim.go:263: constant 18446744073709551615 overflows int64

Is the appropriate way to deal with this to write a C function to
return the value of the C H5T_VARIABLE define and assign that to



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