>From my server I'd like to respond with JSON content—a JSON object that 
will contain as one of its properties a stringified JSON object that will 
be retrieved from the database. What is the best way to send the 
stringified JSON object from the database as JSON and not as a string-type 
value of a property in the bigger JSON object the server is responding 
with? I know I can unmarshal the string into a Go struct and then add it to 
the bigger struct that will be marshalled into JSON and sent off as the 
response. But that's a lot of extra work for the server (and could 
potentially introduce a small error along the way).

Really all that needs to be done to the stringified JSON object retrieved 
from the database is that it shouldn't have quotes around it. What's the 
best way to avoid the unmarshal-and-then-marshal technique?

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