At the moment I am developing a httpmockserver that uses a slightly 
modified version of 

My own project uses the MIT License.

So what is the correct way of including the modified file in my project?

This is my project (in a very early phase, so you won't find 
httptest/server.go here yet):

There is a license file included.

Should I add another license file? Should I append it to my license?
Is it possible to have two licenses for one project? ( MIT and BSD3?)

Do I need to keep the license information in httptest/server.go? And if so, 
should I add another line with my own license?

To be honest:
I do not want to do anything wrong here, but I would hope that it problably 
is negligible for such a small code reuse.
That would problably avoid a lot of worries concerning license stuff.

What do you mean?

Thanks & Greetings,

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