Hi Leff. Did you find anything good eventually? 

The cznic/cc code offers a decent compiler but I found it very bad to read 
and reuse. I don't want to rely on guess work and the documentation is 
almost non-existant. 

On Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 12:37:25 PM UTC+2, Leff Ivanov wrote:
> Hello! I want to build custom refactoring tool for C/C++ source code and I 
> want to do it in Go. Is there any good library in Go that would parse C/C++ 
> source code into AST (abstract syntax tree) or some other high level 
> structure that I can read and manipulate? Is there any good and up to date 
> bindings to libclang or some other library for parsing C/C++ code? Is there 
> any generic parsing library that has a C/C++ grammar support in it?

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