On Thursday, 8 February 2018 09:01:29 UTC+1, Haddock wrote:
> This might be of interest for you: "Evaluating the Go Programming 
> Language with Design Patterns 
> <https://ncameron.org/papers/schmager_plateau10.pdf>".
Interesting read. From the paper:

    "We found that this was common and that having to use
     different names was inconvenient — there is no naming
     convention for multiple different factory methods, so
     clients wishing to instantiate an object must either guess
     *or check the documentation*." 
    [Schmager, Cameron, Nobel, l.c., sec 4.1, page 5, emphasis mine]

It seems checking the documentation is something one should
not be required to do. And I now that lots of developers never
take a look at documentation. But why? What's wrong with
reading a few sentences or skimming a 3 page manual?


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