First, a sanity check: How are you measuring the resident set? Are you
certain the memstats data you presented are from the same run (and after)
you hit 10G resident?

What you have described doesn't immediately fit in my mental model. Could
you be measuring the VM size rather than the resident size? The thing that
puzzles me a little is that your "Sys =" field is so much lower than 10G,
assuming the measurements were taken at the same time.

Have you tried calling runtime.FreeOSMemory and playing with GOGC
(described in pkg/runtime <> docs), do those
make any difference? You might also want to play with GODEBUG=gctrace=1.

On 13 February 2018 at 18:55, Kane Kim <> wrote:
> Both memory profile and heap debug show ~500MB memory is in use, idle heap
> is pretty low, given all that and lack of cgo, where rest 10.5G could go
> and what are tools to debug it?

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