> I think everybody here is aware that some people really want generics and 
> that generics would probably be useful for everybody. Instead of restating 
> that why not share what you think about this version of Go generics?
> IMO this is not a proven statement.
One of the things that for me I like about Go is that one can read code and 
reason about its behaviour to a reasonable extent.  In my very limited 
experience generics would make it considerably more difficult to reason 
about exactly what a piece of code will do.
While generics would allow some problems to be expressed in a simpler 
fashion, I'm not convinced that that would produce a more comprehensible 
code-base. I really worry they would just facilitate lazy programming where 
people save a few keystrokes at the expense of: "You too need a brain the 
size of a planet, like mine, to understand this."

Maybe this is unfounded, but I'm far from convinced that generics would 
make my experience of Go better. I'm really thinking here of, are we really 
sure they would make large unfamiliar codebases more comprehensible? Every 
feature of a language can be abused, so are they worth the abuse that they 
would allow?


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