Just a list of things I like about Go, thanks everyone for the hard work:

Good things go has:

- Go has an extremely useful std library.
- Go has the best backwards compatibility I have seen (I'm pretty sure code 
from go version 1.0 still works today.).
- Go has the nicest code manipulation tools I have seen.
- The best race condition detector tool around.
- An incredibly useful in practice interface system. (I once tunneled http 
and ssh connections over a serial port because net.Listener and net.Conn 
are easy interfaces)
- The fastest compiler to use, and to build from source.
- Probably the best cross compilation story of any language, with 
uniformity across platforms, including ones you haven't heard of.
- One of the easiest to distribute binaries across platforms (this is why 
hashicorp, cockroachdb, ngrok etc choose go, it makes on boarding customers 
so much easier.).
- A very sophisticated garbage collector with low pause times.
- One of the best runtime performance to ease of use ratios around.
- One of the easier to learn languages around.
- A compiler that produces byte for byte identical binaries.
- incredibly useful libraries maintained by google: (e.g. Heres a complete 
ssh client and server anyone can  use: 
- Lots of money invested in keeping it working well from many companies: 
cloud flare, google, uber, hashicorp  and more.
- *FINALLY* A fresh and bold take on package management that isn't a cargo 
cult :) - https://research.swtch.com/vgo  (I especially like how well this 
tackles verifiable builds).

Minor things that could be improved in order of importance:

- Ways to express immutability ... as a concurrent language it can still be 
easy to make mistakes and share a buffer or slice by accident.
- More advanced static analysis tools that can prove properties of your 
code (perhaps linked with the above).
- Generics.
- Some sort of slightly more sophisticated pattern matching .

Let me know if I missed anything, thanks again.

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