Is it expected that vgo should work with enterprise GitHub servers at this 
point in time? When trying it out, I find I'm getting messages like this 
during import resolution:

vgo: resolving import "jaxf-github.fanatics.corp/forge/furnace"
> findRepo: XML syntax error on line 25: unescaped < inside quoted string
> vgo: import "jaxf-github.fanatics.corp/forge/ratelimiter" ->
> import "jaxf-github.fanatics.corp/forge/furnace": unknown VCS, Repo: git, 
> https://jaxf-github.fanatics.corp/forge/furnace.git

Imports from GitHub itself are resolving fine. Anyway, any insight as to 
what might be going wrong would be appreciated. The error message isn't 
terribly enlightening to me, I'm afraid.

- Rich

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