I'm happy to announce the release of goyaml 1.1.

It includes the following improvements:

- Add Encoder and Decoder types
This allows encoding and decode multiple YAML documents in a stream.

- Alternative timestamp support (e.g. 2015-01-01). Credit to anthonybishopric.

- If a value implements an IsZero method and omitempty is specified,
the value will be omitted if IsZero returns true. This means
that time.Time now works correctly with omitzero.

- Strict mode now enforces key uniqueness (issue #284)

- Plain scalars with colons in are now allowed in flow-style mappings
and sequences. (issue #295)

- Forward references to anchors are now disallowed.

- Version is now tagged compatible with vgo (and there's even a go.mod file!).

Thanks to everyone for their issues and PRs, and for bearing with my
very slow maintenance of this package... I hope to work on some more
improvements soon!

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