I'm in the middle of building out a Go library that does various things and 
am considering hosting something similar to Go Playground which can be used 
to create demos using the library.  Two big snags: 1) I of course need to 
be able to import my packages, and 2) I need sqlite support, which means 
CGO support.

I'm considering forking from https://github.com/xiam/go-playground, using 
the "unsafebox" (which basically builds using the regular amd64 OS instead 
of nacl).  This would solve the two issues above.

If I run these programs inside docker, as a non-root user, in a chroot-ed 
filesystem... any thoughts on how safe/unsafe this is likely to be.  I 
would probably run it on a separate machine that can just be thrown away 
and rebuilt if something goes horribly wrong, but I'm just curious about 
opinions on if this is a decent idea.

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