> Go is designed for the modern data center, but its adoption isn’t 
> restricted to the workplace. 

While the garbage collector may point to this, and I’ve previously argued 
about data centers stepping on other applications’ feet, my understanding 
is the stated goal is systems programming. This term encompasses anything 
designed as part of a larger system in my mind; OS drivers and components 
have been mentioned, the compiler is written in Go, build and other scripts 
are easy to write in Go, OS CLI tools are great in Go, you’ve mentioned 
embedded programming, small web servers with database definitely work, and 
of course data center applications and infrastructure are a major Go target 
and consumer.

Perhaps something like “Go is designed for programming modern computers and 
computer systems in English” would be more accurate?

I’ve only looked at the three free chapters, but one thing that stands out 
to me is the amount of formatting on each page. Although I’m looking on a 
computer and not at a book, it seems that all of the italics, bolds, 
blocks, lines, references, pictures, and other formatting add noise. I do 
think the graphics are creative, slicing the solar system is great.

It’s been asked here about references for new programmers but I didn’t have 
an answer besides “what do you want to know?”. Can you share your 
competition here? I’ll mention “Get Programming with Go” in the future.


On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 8:46:58 AM UTC-6, Nathan Youngman wrote:
> Learn about error handling and concurrent state in the latest release of 
> Get Programming with Go, available from Manning Books.
> The first draft is complete. If you have any feedback, now’s the time to 
> get it in, as we are currently editing the book before it goes to 
> production.
> https://bit.ly/programminggo

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