This is the repo the flutter team are doing the flutter desktop.

It's the same code as runs on mobile essentially except they have an embedding 
API designed into flutter to allow it to be embedded onto desktop.

I am not 100% sure because it's only been up for 2 weeks but I think they are 
using glfw to embed on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The maxIS works today . I have tried it.
Linux apparently works.
Windows is being worked on.

It's not a huge take to support desktops because flutter and skia do 99% of the 
work and they have planned desktops architecturally for a long time by having 
their embedding API.

It's not plain sailing yet !.it's only been 2 weeks..but it's getting commits 
every day and docs and easy make files are not quite there yet.

That's why I started the CI project. To build up the make files and the 
continuous builds on the various CI cloud based platforms 

I am using bitrise which is a great CI platform that is 100% written in golang 
They virtualize macOS using VMware virt.
But the exact same CI script you can run on your own macOS too.
They don't support Windows. So I guess I will use appveyor.

Luckily setting up a script to install flutter is 2 lines of code for windows 
or other OS's

Hope this helps.

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