I am exploring a pattern to achieve a desirable aspect of vtable in Go. For 
now please put the vtable consideration aside, and see an example I have 
put together for this post:


In the example, there is a "typo" in the spelling of a method name 
("Buuuug" instead of "Bug"), and that typo caused the generate code to 
exhibit an infinite recursion in method lookup.

This infinite recursion looks reasonable to me and I consider the Go 
compiler & runtime to be doing the right thing here. My question is: is 
there a way to *statically* catch this typo, in the same spirit as the 
ineffective attempt at the end of the playground example (a "var _ type 

The situation here essentially involves a type that does not provide a 
method to override a declared method in an embedded interface value. I 
recall method promotion for interface values is dynamic, and so I am not 
hopeful there would be a static solution for this "typo" problem. However, 
I thought at least I can ask for advice here. :>



P.S. This thread is really not intended to discuss vtable in Go and I am 
not advocating that this "vtable pattern" in the playground example is the 
right approach to write Go in every situation where dynamic dispatch is 
needed. In fact, in my experience, this is far from the truth and the 
typical "accept an interface value as an argument" works in most cases. 
However, I would also hope we don't stigmatize a concept just because it is 
not the best approach in every case. To see one possibly-compelling use 
case of this pattern in a concrete toy example, I have written more in 
and the associated GitHub repo. I hope the README.md in the repo would be 
sufficient to explain a niche case when this pattern may be useful. Please 
feel free to leave you comments there too! Thanks!

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