I would like to point out that the example code you refer to is meant to 
illustrate a specific behavior of locks. It is *not* necessarily intended 
to be an example of good style. As a "new gopher" I would avoid this idiom. 
If you did use this, some significant commenting would be needed. 

Also, what blog post are you referring to?

- Jake

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 9:27:08 AM UTC-4, 郎凯 wrote:
> var l sync.Mutex
> var a string
> func f() {
> a = "hello, world"
> l.Unlock()
> }
> func main() {
> l.Lock()
> go f()
> l.Lock()
> print(a)
> }
> I'm a new gopher, reading a blog about lock and having a problem, in 
> general , we use sync.Mutex in pairs, in the above code why could it call 
> lock two times  in main.
> Any help is Appreciated.
> Thanks in advanced.

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